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Closet Case Thrift Store provides a unique shopping experience though our carefully curated collection of fashion and rare vintage items.

Close Case is operated by We Are Family. Proceeds from every purchase are used to fund the mission of We Are Family. 


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Our Commitment

is to bring quality thrift goods that will create environmental, social, and personal impact to the lowcountry.

Our Impact

When you shop with us, you are helping fund the mission of We Are Family, while also reducing waste and pollution in the environment by choosing to shop reused gently used clothes.

Our Mission

is to provide a safe and positive shopping experience though our carefully curated selection, while providing resources for the mission of We Are Family.


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โ€œCloset Case always has what I need and at unbeatable prices. They always have trendy styles and one of a kind items. There is always a positive energy in the store and always something newโ€

โ€œWow! Coming here is so fun! They always have the best things! They have something for everyone for any budget!โ€

โ€œThis is my go to place when I need something for an event! Trust me, everyone always says โ€˜where did you get that from?โ€™ Iโ€™m like girl, its a Closet Case Thrift Find!โ€